Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 7

This week was our last in the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF). We spent it working on the wetland inventory we started the week before…

…as well as all the office work that entails.

Kathy Donna originally outlined 15 areas for us to inventory, areas that have potential to contain wetlands. Between the two weeks we finished the 13 areas that were in main focus. It was really good work, hard but fun. With all of the beaver-downed trees to climb over, some of us realized just how short our legs really are. We got to see some really unique and beautiful wetland areas. There is so much more diversity that I ever realized.

Monday morning we met with Kathy Donna just to check in. We were very pleased to see her as she was leaving for a new job in a new state that very same day. Then it was out to the field!

Wednesday was packed full of activity. On top of a full day of wetland work, we had some fun adventures.

Before work on Wednesday we tested new safety goggles for Melissa Reichert. Safety is fun, and super-cool!

Later we got a mid-day break, during which a group found a natural waterslide right near the workhouse! Trust us to find it right before we leave.

That evening we met with Melissa Reichert to show her what we had accomplished. After that we got dressed in our least muddy clothes and enjoyed a dinner out in Manchester. James’ wife Audrey joined us.

Thursday was a half-day of work. Then we packed up and said bye to the GMNF workhouse (and our co-residents). As we left, we were talking about how grateful we were to stay there (especially instead of camping for 4 weeks). Communally cooking dinner in the well-supplied kitchen was one of my personal favorite parts.

And then all that was left was one final long drive back to Burlington.

Stay tuned in the next two weeks for the thrilling conclusion!

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